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Epic’s OneWater™ system is a decentralized water treatment and reuse system that can safely recycle up to 95% of a building’s wastewater onsite—either blackwater or greywater—and produces three sustainable outputs:

1. Recycled water that can be reused directly onsite for non-potable applications like HVAC cooling towers, toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation, ornamental water features, or clothes washing;

2. Recovered energy from wastewater heat can be captured and used to preheat the incoming domestic hot water supply;

3. Repurposed natural soil amendments that can be used in landscaping projects, gardens, or even local parks.

Owners can expect 3-7 year ROI while increasing water savings, reducing utility fees and the ability to earn up to 24 LEED points. The cloud-based system is configured with remote monitoring capabilities and safety alarms, and Epic’s trusted O&M team provides 24/7 operator response.

We supply built-in reporting dashboards to provide a snapshot of your system’s health, including up-to-date utility savings, total gallons of water reused, a summary of ESG performance and much more. We help buildings achieve Net Zero Energy goals — one of the only systems designed to integrally treat wastewater and recover heat from the wastewater stream for return to the building.


Epic Cleantec builds, deploys and manages decentralized water reuse technology solutions for the built environment. Our world is urbanizing with 70% of the population predicted to be living in urban, city settings by 2050. This fact, coupled with our quickly-aging infrastructure and climate change means the conventional approach to infrastructure and water management is strained to its breaking point.

Born out of work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, Epic Cleantec is a leader in the onsite water reuse space, trusted by leading players in real estate nationally. We bring multidisciplinary expertise spanning water and wastewater infrastructure, engineering, building science, and public policy to create scalable, resilient systems that will ensure everyone has access to clean water and reliable sanitation for generations.

Our onsite water reuse technology solutions produce financial benefits for building owners and real estate developers without adding strain to our communities and environment. We work with owners, architects, engineers, contractors and sustainability advocates to implement decentralized water reuse systems into building designs to reduce water demand by up to 95%, saving thousands in utility and sewer fees per years while lowering operational costs.

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